Analyse Keywords for search engine

The Keyword analysis is a process of analyzing the most searched keywords or phrases on the search engines by users. Your website cannot be optimized unless you know what keywords to be targeting for creating the content. The Keyword analysis is the basis for creating content for your targeted audience. The keyword research helps to understand the target market and how they are searching for the content. Keyword research also provides clarity about, the content searching by the users, the number of people searching for the content, and in what format do they need the content.

Why keyword analysis unavoidable?

Keyword analysis influences every other SEO task you perform, which includes choosing the right content topic, on-page SEO, outreach, and promotion. Keyword analysis allows you to optimize the budget by distributing more budget to successful keywords. You do not have to spend on those who are not producing the result. The keyword analysis has equal importance as link building and content marketing. The reason behind a website is getting quality and quantity organic visibility is the proper usage of keywords. 

How can we do keyword analysis?

Make a list of relevant topics based on what you know about your product or service. For that, you have to think from your target audience’s side. What type of topics would your target audience search that you would want your business to get noticed? Fill in those topics with keywords. You can start your keyword analysis by generating a seed keyword. A seed keyword is nothing but describing your product or service in your own words or brainstorming what other people might search for it. You can generate seed keywords from your knowledge about the product or service and search engine experience. There are data-driven tools available to you for finding out which keywords you are most likely to rank well. Or you can use any traffic analytic tool to drill down to your website’s traffic sources filter your organic search traffic to identify the keywords people are using to arrive at your site. 

Another way to do keyword analysis is by researching related search terms. If you are not able to think of more keywords, go to and plug in a keyword and take a look at the related search terms. It is always advisable to use a mixture of head terms and long-tail keywords in each topic. Head term keywords are shorter and are more generic, which makes it difficult to rank when compared to long-tail keywords. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to reduce the list of keywords with more quantitative data.