High-quality content on the website helps to reach quality customers as well as gain a high rank on the search engine. It is very clear that creating valuable and quality content all the time is difficult as it is resource consuming. So it is always advisable to get the best out of what you have already created. Content repurposing and reformatting will help you to reach customers through different platforms. If you are not repurposing the contents, you are missing out something huge. Content repurposing /reformatting is nothing but changing the format of already existing content you have created as articles or blogs into videos, infographics, podcasts or any other medium which can be used for marketing on different social platforms.

Benefits of repurposing and reformatting the content or why you have to repurpose your contents.

  • Repurposing the content will help you to reach more customers. Some audience prefers videos rather than text contents. Some prefer podcasts over eBooks. By doing this you can easily extend your reach of customers.
  • It will help to improve your organic search engine traffic.
  • It will reduce the stress level as we don’t have to think about what to write about.
  • It saves time a lot. Creating quality content needs time, u may have to conduct keyword research, brainstorm ideas and many other preparations.

There are various ways to repurpose/reformat your content.

  • Change your already published blog post into podcasts. People love to hear what other people talking. It will reduce the effort of concentrating and reading the content. It gives the ease to listen to the content wherever and whenever the listener needs to.
  • Create an infographic representation of your old content to make the best out of it. Information in the form of an image or graphic representation is called an infographic. It is catchier than long paragraphs.
  • Create videos from existing content. Nowadays the culture is changing at a fast pace mode from reading to visual. People prefer videos rather than reading and understanding the content. It is more engaging and effortless.
  • You can share your best content via newsletter to your customers. You can create a new blog from quora question and answer.
  • Conduct webinars using your old content. Use your old success webinars to video tutorials. 

There are no limits in repurposing the content. All you need to do is, find the best and successful content of yours and repurpose it for the audience on the different social platforms. There is no other great way to extend your reach to audience on multiple platforms.