Content Distribution Concepts

Content distribution is the process of sharing and publishing the content you have created in a different medium to the targeted audience as a part of promoting your business. To achieve a quality audience for your product or service, all you have to do is distribute contents in the form of text, images, audios, and videos on all available social platforms. The content distribution can be categorized into three different groups.

Owned Content Distribution: Owned content distribution is distributing your contents to your online spaces like website, mobile site, blogs, email newsletters, social media platforms, and microsites.

Paid content distribution: This is nothing but when you pay for distributing your content in other platforms or channels. It could be pay per click (PPC), where the owner pays for every click he is getting on the website. Paid social media advertisement, paid influencer content, display ads, paid search etc.

Earned Content Distribution: Earned content distribution is when the third party distributes your content or mentions your product or services on a press meet, guest article contributions or product review, etc.WOM, Buzz, Viral are examples of earned distribution.

One of the benefits of the content distribution strategy is, it increases the outcome of the content’s past creation. Creating great content is not enough, it is useless if nobody is reading it. To get the right amount of quality audience for your content, you need to spend time identifying them and distribute your content to the target audience. Once you identify your right audience you will get an idea of where to post and when to post the content on different platforms.

How to distribute content wisely?

Research and identify the target audience is the primary step, which gives you an idea about where to start distributing the content. This can be done by collecting demographic data from your website visitors, email subscribers, social media followers and customers. Try to get feedback directly from customers, email subscribers, and social media followers. Ask them how they feel about the present content distribution efforts.

Content distribution and content marketing are not the same. Content marketing is promoting the content through different media without targeting a specific audience. While Content distribution is on the other hand. It has a specific audience, we have to identify the targets and distribute the content to the appropriate audience.

Why content distribution is important?

Creating great and quality content is crucial, but bringing this content to the right audience is eventually make the marketing or campaign successful. Well maintained owned, earned and paid content distribution helps to reach your great content to target audience which will enhance the organic visibility and finally you will meet your quality customers.