The story of SUGAR.FIT has successfully secured an $11 million Series A funding round to address India’s prevalent health issue – diabetes. However, eradicating diabetes for 10 crores of Indians presents a complex challenge, and here’s why:

  1. High Sugar Consumption: India’s per-capita sugar consumption is remarkably high, with individuals consuming approximately 10 spoons of sugar daily. This translates to an average yearly intake of nearly 18 kg of sugar per person.
  2. Limited Perception of Health as an Investment: Despite the rising trend of purchasing expensive gadgets like iPhones on EMI, the perception of health as a worthy investment remains lacking. Health is often viewed as a cost center rather than a status-elevating endeavor.
  3. Need for Consumer Education: Educating consumers about their dietary choices is essential. For instance, consuming just one Vada Pav contributes around 200 calories, and the challenge lies in conveying the importance of balancing this with physical activity. Educating individuals about fitness proves to be a costly endeavor.
  4. Diabetes Reversal Requires Lifestyle Changes: While advanced devices like the Cyborg from Ultrahuman can monitor glucose levels effectively, addressing diabetes necessitates a comprehensive lifestyle transformation involving diet, exercise, and sleep. Achieving this is particularly challenging for individuals dealing with diabetes.’s Approach: proposes a three-layer solution to tackle these challenges:

  • Measure: Utilizing glucose monitoring to track and understand individual patterns.
  • Personalized Plan: Developing personalized plans encompassing diet, sleep, and fitness.
  • Community Building: Establishing a supportive community where individuals facing similar health challenges can come together. This community-oriented approach aims to address the motivation problem by fostering a collaborative environment where individuals collectively work towards consistent action.

In summary,’s multi-faceted strategy acknowledges the cultural, societal, and educational aspects associated with diabetes in India, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond monitoring and includes personalized plans and a supportive community.